10 Ways to Share an Article Online

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When you find an article online that you really like, the first thing you want to do, if you’re like most web surfers, is to share it with others. Thanks to social news and networking media, there’s no shortage of ways to spread your favorite articles across the internet. In fact, here are ten ways to share an article online:

  1. Facebook – One of the icons you’ll see accompanying articles and other media posted online is the ubiquitous Facebook logo. Like or share it with your Facebook friends.
  2. Twitter – Share a short URL link in a tweet, add a hash tag and get the ball rolling to make that article go viral.
  3. StumbleUpon – You can stumble a web page directly from your browser’s toolbar, add aq review and share a note with followers and fellow stumblers.
  4. Google+ – Use Google’s social networking site to like (+1) your favorite articles and share it with your friends and groups.
  5. Digg – Now with a news wire and a newsroom as added features, users can get their articles voted up (or down) by readers on the website, and also earn advertising revenue at the same time.
  6. Reddit – A direct competitor of Digg, Reddit works in a very similar way. Users submit content for readers to vote, and comment on, to position their articles up or down in the site’s popularity pecking order.
  7. LinkedIn – A social networking media for professionals, this site is a good place for members to post business-related content. At LinkedIn, you can develop a network of followers, or connections, with whom you have established relationships, thereby resulting in a more targeted audience for your articles.
  8. Blog – A personal web log is the preferred method of establishing an online presence for many professionals, writers, or artists who wish to share their work on the ‘net. Posting your content on your own blog makes it easier for others to both find your articles, and follow you. To help establish that following, you can also …
  9. Backlink – This is where you develop relationships at other sites where visitors and owners share your interest or focus. As you gain acceptance at other sites, you can eventually link each other’s content to and from your respective websites.
  10. Email – Then there’s always the tried and true method of spamming the inbox of everyone you know in the hopes of getting your article forwarded through cyberspace by your contacts. It sure seems to be a popular technique with Nigerian royalty, anyway.

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