10 Ways to Make Friends on FaceBook

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FaceBook is a ‘social’ network (as if that needs to be said…). It is all about connecting with other people. There are some people who have set ‘friend’ goals for themselves. They may set a goal of having a friend list of 1,000 or 3,000 people. If you want to pump up your number of friends on facebook, there are a few different ways to do it:

  1. Friend suggestions – Your friends, or even facebook itself, will make ‘friend suggestions’ to you. You just need to then click on the suggestion and cordially let the other person know you would like to become friends, based on your other mutual friendships.
  2. Mutual friends – You don’t have to wait for a suggestion from a mutual friend. You could simply browse the friends list of your current friends and pick out some of their friends that you are not connected with. Send them a friend request that mentions your mutual connection.
  3. Join groups – You can find plenty of new friends by joining interest groups such as a poetry group, hobby group or other personal interest. There you’ll connect with other people from all over facebook that have a shared interest with you.
  4. Games – This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to grow your friends list on facebook. You will find that people who are involved in the facebook games have long lists of friends from around the globe.
  5. Like pages – When you ‘like’ a product page or a non-profit page or a fan page, you will get to see which other facebookers have liked the same page. It may become a connecting point for you with some people you would not otherwise meet.
  6. Events – When you respond to facebook events, you have the potential of connecting with several new people on the event page, if responders are allowed to post comments there. Again, it is a way to find a common denominator with other people on facebook.
  7. High school search – You can search facebook for other people who attended your high school. These people may not have been in your graduating class, but they, at some time, attended that high school. This is another way to demonstrate commonality, when trying to connect.
  8. Introduce yourself – You can simply search for people who have not kept their facebook walls private and post an introduction of yourself on their wall. Positive, polite comments may garner a desire for them to join your friend list.
  9. Joint discussion – At times, the comments on a posting can become a connecting point for two people who would not have considered connecting otherwise. Simply the desire to continue a conversation, that has otherwise died out, can be enough to prompt a friend request and response.
  10. Friend requests – Of course, you can simply send out facebook friend requests to random people, whose profile pictures look interesting to you. Some are likely to respond. You never know when one of those might turn into your new best friend.

Facebook makes it pretty easy to find and make friends. Thankfully, it also makes it even easier to end those relationships, should you decide to shorten your friend list at some point (of course you shouldn’t do that to any of us).


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