10 of the Best iPhone App Dictionaries

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Words are tricky things. There are so many of them, and in multiple languages, too. Finding the right words are important, especially when you’re looking to make a good impression. Thankfully, in the age of technology and progress, the days of frantically searching through a ten-inch-thick dictionary are over. In fact, with your iPhone and a few rather intelligent apps, you can casually look up the words that you need, without anyone being any wiser. The next time words fail you, make sure you have these ten iPhone apps on hand to instantly improve your vocabulary.

  • Dictionary – When a free app has so many options, it seems almost too good to be true. However, Dictionary lives up to its promises. There are specialist options for legal, medical, financial and other terminologies. Dictionary also offers access to a thesaurus, word games and a number of encyclopedias, including Britannica, Columbia and Collins. There are both on and offline options, however, you need to download the dictionary before it is accessible offline.
  • Ninjawords Dictionary – This is a fun dictionary app that costs just $1.99. Ninjawords Dictionary is also extremely functional and user friendly. You can look up multiple words, as every search remains on the screen for quick reference. Each day, Ninjawords presents the user with Word of the day, and you can just swipe the screen for a random vocabulary builder, too.
  • Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate – Brace yourself – Merriam Webster’s Collegiate is going to set you back a cool $24.99. However, what you get more than makes up for the price. This dictionary app is built on a powerfully intuitive engine, meaning that even if you don’t know the word, there are tools available to find it, regardless of misspelling or incorrect word form. The dictionary also has a built-in, multi-lingual penreader, and wildcard searches to find even the most difficult words to spell.
  • WordBook English Dictionary & Thesaurus – If you’re not quite ready to splash out on a dictionary app, WordBook English Dictionary and Thesaurus is more than equipped to do the job at only $1.99. This app has a wildcard search feature and word games, and includes etymologies for over 23,000 root word origins. In addition to its built-in content, there is also access to five other online reference sources.
  • WordWeb Dictionary – This is one for those people who often confuse their words. WordWeb Dictionary is free, and comes with some great tools. The word suggestion feature not only suggests spelling, but also offers similar words that are often mixed up with the word you are searching for. WordWeb is also an all-in app, which means you can use it offline, no matter where you are.
  • Google Translate – There are plenty of direct language to language dictionaries out there in the App Store. However, Google Translate is a one-stop-shop for your translating needs. Unlike word reference dictionaries, Google Translate also changes words to suit contextual meaning. There are over 64 languages supported on this free app, and you can listen to translations spoken in 24 languages.
  • Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus – If you need a dictionary that provides a better understanding of language structure and word relationships, this free app is for you. Some of the additional relationships you will receive with each search are synonyms, opposites and similar words. Games included with the app are Hangman, Word scramble and Anagrams.
  • WordReference Dictionary – The main selling point of this app is both a positive and a negative. WordReference Dictionary is the app interface for WordReference.com. That means, of course, that you must have Internet connectivity in order to use the app. That aside, you have access to over 15 international dictionaries, a support forum and a number of other helpful references. The app is free, so it’s worth downloading for access to such a trusted online source.
  • Taber’s Medical Dictionary – Taber’s is an established name in medical referencing circles. This app version of the dictionary is free, and offers users unlimited access to Taber’s online database. Users can download over 65,000 entries for quick access to medical references and definitions. Add thousands of videos and tutorials to the list, and you have the most comprehensive medical dictionary app available.
  • Wiki Tap – There are a lot of Wikipedia interface apps available, but Wiki Tap gets the user approval. Wiki Tap allows you to edit entries by adding video and picture, and the intuitive search engine makes this a one-tap app. The search engine is built for word reference, so you can hear pronunciations or watch videos related to the topic.

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