30 Blogs with the Best Tips For Getting a Better Internet Connection

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A lot of people conflate Internet speed with Internet connection, when in fact, they are two entirely different things. Your Internet speed is largely dictated by your Internet service provider (ISP), whereas your Internet connection is dependent on a number of factors that are often independent of each other. While you do need good Internet speed for a worthwhile browsing experience, without optimum Internet connection the former is useless. These 30 blogs will show you how to get the best from the Internet speed that’s available to you.

Faster Browsing

Browsing speed is what most people who use the Internet consider as the benchmark for their Internet experience. It’s the interface between you and the worldwide web, and usually the first thing you see when you go to a website. Popular browsers include Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. In short, how these browsers are optimized will make all the difference to how quickly a website loads on your computer. In these five blogs you will learn ways to configure your browser of choice for the best performance.

Windows and Mac Configuration

Your computer’s operating system can greatly impact your Internet connection. If your computer is running slow, you can almost guarantee that your Internet connection is slow, too. There are processes and files on your computer that you’ve probably never looked at, and some of those processes affect your Internet connection. If you want to improve your Internet connectivity, a few tweaks are called for. Here are five blogs with some tips on how to streamline your computer’s Internet connection.

Cell and Smart-Phones

Smart-phones are a great way to connect to the Internet on the go. These clever devices transport you to the web via a powerful handheld computer. Just like your desktop, you’re going to need to perform a few adjustments in order to get the best performance. Master the secrets of mobile connectivity with these five blogs.

Wi-Fi and Router Tweaks

No matter how well you’ve configured your device, if your Wi-Fi or connection point is weak, you’re not going to get a good connection. The more devices that are connected to a single access point, the weaker your connection strength will become, too. In this day and age, it is safe to say that every household has a number of devices simultaneously connected to Wi-Fi. For faster, more secure Internet connection, follow the advice in these five blogs.

Improve Internet Security

Unless you want your name and information used to purchase a number of extravagant items, you better take Internet security seriously. When you are experiencing a slow connection and you’ve checked everything else, chances are your device has been compromised. While many security threats are aimed at tracking your habits on the web, they still significantly disrupt your Internet connection. No matter what your reasons are for wanting to be more secure on the Internet, following the steps in these five blogs is worth the peace of mind.

Consoles and Gaming

Gamers are notorious for utilizing the largest percentage of Internet usage in any household. Online games, especially, can wreak havoc on a home Internet network. However, there are ways to improve the gamer’s experience. These five blogs will help you tweak your PC or console to avoid lag and make sure you’re not leeching everyone else’s Internet speed.


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