10 Blogs Every Blogger Should Subscribe To

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Approximately 60% of bloggers say they are blogging as a hobby, according to the Technorati Media State of the Blogosphere 2011. The rest are attempting to at least supplement their income, if not make a full-time living at it. Whatever your motives for planting your own flag in the blogosphere, it’s useful to check out a few successful bloggers from whom you can learn how to gain a following. Here are ten blogs that we think every blogger would benefit from subscribing to:

  1. ProBloggerDarren Rowse has made a full-time career of blogging since 2002. In addition to several other blogs he maintains, Darren started ProBlogger specifically to help other bloggers learn how to succeed, and to promote the medium itself. His site is loaded with helpful tips, tool, and publications for bloggers of all levels.
  2. MashableA site that consistently delivers current and relevant news on the world of social media, Mashable is required reading for anyone intent on effectively using the blogosphere to communicate.
  3. Blogger BuzzThe Google Blogger crowd, for whom the site is primarily intended, can keep up wit Blogger updates, trends, technical issues, etc. For bloggers at large, check out the Blogs of Note link.
  4. Copyblogger This marketing blog, founded by Brian Clark, in 2006, offers many of the techniques and resources that have been instrumental in the success of several of the other blogger on our list.
  5. chrisbrogan.com Chris Brogan has been blogging since 1998, is a social media consultant, speaker, writer and author. His impressive credentials as a blogging guru notwithstanding, his blog itself is worth checking out for its design alone. Lots to use here for bloggers of all levels.
  6. The Future BuzzFor web marketing and PR strategies; Adam Singer, editor of Future Buzz, created a collaborative site featuring content from other professionals in the community. The site is very useful for tracking trends, keeping up with SEO strategies, and the latest news in social media.
  7. Gizmodo  – Here you’ll find great articles on a whole host of topics, so the content is certainly there. But the real value of Gizmodo for the average blogger lies in its forums. Once your contributions there have been deemed worthy, you will find yourself within a community that can really help your own site take off.
  8. ThinkTrafficThree simple words from Corbett Barr, founder of ThinkTraffic, separate him from the cacophony of traffic-building advice circulating the web, and put him on our list. Too often the game seems to be about strategy, and not enough about content. Not here. Barr’s emphasis on what a blogger writes is why we rank ThinkTraffic among the best.
  9. For Bloggers, By BloggersA nuts-and-bolts approach to helping bloggers succeed; this blog addresses issues such as design, themes, and social bookmarking. Bob Dunn, resident WordPress guru, contributes here as well as on his own blog.
  10. TopRankThis is where you go to find who’s who in the blogosphere; which blogs are doing something right in SEO, marketing, etc. If you’re all about building the best blog you can, TopRank’s resources page is as good a place as any to get the tools you need.

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