8 Things Android and iPhone Users Have in Common

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Do you ever wonder what separates Android users from their iPhone counterparts? The answer is not as much as pop-culture may lead you to think. Gazelle, the nation’s leading high-end consumer electronics trade-in site, recently conducted a survey amongst more than 1000 Android and iPhone users, and the results may surprise you. Android and iPhone users have more in common that you may think.

  1. When it comes to drink preferences, both iPhone and Android users prefer water when given the choice of beverages – more than 50% for both groups, in fact. Water was followed up by beer for Android users at 18.1% and Wine for iPhone users at 17.3%.
  2. When it comes to snack preferences, both iPhone and Android users prefer sweet snacks to savory. Chocolate, anyone?
  3. Wondering about pets? Both iPhone and Android users prefer dogs to cats. In fact, more than 70% of users in both groups prefer Fido over Felix as their best friend.
  4. Who reins Pop King? Both iPhone and Android users identified Michael Jackson as their favorite pop star. Second choice? Elvis!
  5. If forced to give up something for a week, both Android and iPhone would rather give up sex than their phones.
  6. And when it comes to their love lives, what hurts more? A broken heart or a broken phone?  Both iPhone and Android users put real love first and agreed that a broken heart hurts more than a broken phone
  7. But when it comes to breaking hearts, both iPhone and Android users claim to have broken more hearts than phones.
  8. And if you think one group of users loves their phone more than others, you’re mistaken.  Both iPhone and Android users’ state they would consider themselves to be in love with their phone, however more than 75% of iPhone users reported being in love with their phones, compared to about half of Android users.

Wondering what Android and iPhone users don’t have in common? Their love lives. The Gazelle survey showed that Android users were more likely to play the field with both their choice of phone and choice of dates. The survey also found that Android users are less committed to both their significant others and their phones.

So if you’ve been thinking about making a big phone switch, don’t let the stereotypes associated with typical users sway you. Survey says, you’ll have more in common with your new peers than you may think.



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