10 of the Best iPhone Apps for Tracking Business Expenses

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Keeping track of business expenses is important, but accessing your PC or laptop every time you need to record your transactions is not always feasible. This is especially true when you are traveling on business, where you have to record transaction details on the move. Failing to effectively track business expenses will cost you in the long run, so finding a solution that will allow you to keep accurate records is essential. In the age of smartphone apps, losing track of your business expenses is no longer a problem. These 10 iPhone apps are designed to help you keep tabs on your business expenses and save you the stress of worrying about losing receipts and records.

  1. Expenditure – This is the perfect app for the globe-traveling professional or business owner. Expenditure has an easy-to-use interface, which lets you enter transactions with a few taps of the screen and will even automatically convert transactions in foreign currencies. You can also create tailored categories, which let you file your transactions in a way that is compatible with your expenses formats, most of which are compatible with the more popular spreadsheet applications for easy conversion.
  2. Expense Manager Free – For a free housekeeping app, Expense Manager is incredibly versatile and can easily be used for small business expenses. You can set up your monthly spending budget and break your spending down to cash, check and credit card. This is also a great app for tracking regularly repeating transactions. The auto fill feature allows you to pre-populate template fields from previous transaction entries, too.
  3. Expensify – Using incredibly intelligent synchronization, Expensify takes all the data from transactions through your credit cards and bank accounts in order to keep a real-time record of your expenses. You can even use the app to scan cash receipts, using your iPhone camera as a scanner. This is a great way to create expense accounts on the go and have them delivered to anyone with an email address using the Expensify interface.
  4. FreshBooks Cloud Accounting – Take your business expense tracking to a whole new level with this cloud platform app. All your data is stored and backed-up on cloud servers, so you can access it when and where you need to. You can use this free app to automatically see how your expenses stack up against your budget, send invoices anywhere in the world and get paid, categorize your expense by taking photos of your receipts and track your project times using an interactive calendar.
  5. ProOnGo Expense Tracker – Like many of the other expense trackers, ProOnGo Expense Tracker lets you document your transactions simply by scanning receipts with your camera. You can track your time by client, mileage by GPS and download credit card transactions. The app is free from the iTunes store and is compatible with most book keeping applications, allowing you to transfer your reports with ease.
  6. Receipts Pro – The fully customizable features of Receipts Pro is where you get your value for the cost incurred to buy the app. The app costs $4.99, but there is a feature-light version available free of charge. There are over seven different customizable field types available, as well as intelligent group management for clients, travel, business, etc.
  7. Toshl Finance Expense Tracker – Don’t let the simple interface for this free app fool you; Toshl Finance is packed full of all the features you would expect from an expense tracker. You can set up categories, provide instructions for budgeting plans and access your information from the Toshl website, even if you don’t have your phone with you.
  8. MultiCash – Expenses and Income – This expense tracker is like a virtual office on your iPhone. Familiar features are available, such as a currency converter, financial calculator, budgeting, tracking and repeat transaction memory. MultiCash costs $2.99 and is ideal for business travelers who need to allow others to access their expenses on demand.
  9. MoneyTron – Expense Tracker – MoneyTron is a simple, free app that allows you to track your business expenses without hassle. The interface is designed to allow easy entry of data and quick access to important daily, weekly and monthly budgeting information. This app provides a number of graphs and reports for tracking expenses and transactions, which you can tailor to your needs.
  10. Saver – One word comes up time and time again in reviews for this app – “beautiful.” Saver is all about simplicity and ease of access. Large buttons, most used categories and built-in tags are all available to make tracking your expenses quick and simple. The app costs $4.99; however, it’s worth the cost since it consistently receives top reviews on the iTunes store.

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