40 Blogs with the Best Professional Sports Insights

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Whether you’re looking for trade rumors and gossip or in-depth information before placing a bet, there is an absolute wealth of sports information to be found on the Internet. Talented and insightful sports writers from around the country share their opinions and predictions through a plethora of dedicated blogs, which can help you stay abreast of changes or keep up with breaking news as it happens. These 40 blogs cover issues relevant to professional sports in a big way, keeping you informed and on top of new developments.


Keeping up with NFL rumors and gossip alone can be a full-time job; staying informed about developments relevant to the game and news that affects game-play takes the task to an entirely new level. These eight blogs are all football, all the time, ensuring that you’re never out of the loop when you discuss the big game.


With 30 franchised clubs in North America, the NBA is the leading professional men’s basketball league in the world. Keeping up with the developments across two conferences and six divisions and reporting on them so that you can stay on top of league rumors and changes, these eight blogs are the definitive sources of NBA gossip, news and prediction.


With a season that seems to never end and some of the bitterest rivalries in professional sports, Major League Baseball still reigns as America’s Pastime. The eight blogs on this list are filled with all of the goings-on in the MLB, helping you stay up-to-date on all of professional baseball’s breaking news.


If you’re a fan of hockey, chances are you’ll be a fan of these eight blogs. News collected from every team in the NHL, rumors, gossip, betting tips and insights fill these virtual pages, making sure that you’re always up on everything NHL.

Performance-Enhancing Drugs

If you’re a fan of any kind of professional sports, you know that performance-enhancing drugs have rocked every major organization on some level. These eight blog entries can help you understand more about those performance-enhancing drugs, their affect on professional athletes and the way that they have changed the face of sports in North America.


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