30 Blogs for the Novice Photographer in You

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Like everything else, photography has changed and grown since the first camera was invented in 1840.  Technology keeps evolving and growing, and now even amateurs are able to produce some professional looking results.  Most people have owned a camera of some sort, but as the prices continue to drop it’s becoming easier to be able to afford more sophisticated digital cameras for a reasonable price.  Digital cameras allow you to take as many pictures as you’d like without worrying about added expenses.  Plus, you get instant gratification with digital photography because you can view the photos as soon as you take them.  These 30 bloggers love photography and have a lot of information to share.


You can find adequate cameras for less than $100, but if you really want to get into photography there are some higher end options that you might want to save your money for and buy down the road.  These five blog entries will cover some of your different equipment choices.


In photography, lighting can make or break a photo.  There are certain times of day that lend themselves better to taking pictures than others.  You want to avoid having your subject lost in deep shadows.  It is possible to bring light into a shadowy area and that is part of lighting a shot properly.  For further explanation check out these five blog articles.


Many times when people go on vacation they bring home a lot of landscape photographs.  However, for some reason the photos never seem to do the scene justice.  What went wrong? These five blog posts can help you capture the essence of a landscape.


Parents take a lot of pictures of their children because they want to capture every moment of their little lives before they grow up and move away.  That’s one of the great things about photography; it allows you to freeze a moment in time for eternity.  Check out these five blog posts that will help you get the most out of shooting portraits of your friends and family.

Kid Pics

Figuring out how to take professional looking photos of your kids can be a daunting task.  The main problem parents face when trying to photograph their kids is that kids typically don’t stay in one place for very long.  Tips for taking pictures of children can be found on the next five blogs.

Editing Software

Once you take a bunch of pictures, is that it?  Where does it go from here?  You are not stuck with the photos that you have taken.  If you love them then that’s great, but what if there are minor things you want to change? If you look at your pictures and wish that a tree was gone or that there weren’t any red eyes, all is not lost, you just need to edit them.  There are lots of choices for editing software on the market.  These five bloggers will discuss some pros and cons of editing software.


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