7 Ways an Article Could Go Viral on StumbleUpon

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For those who are looking to get their websites, articles, videos, or blog posts to go viral, StumbleUpon is a good place to start. Holding it’s own for years in popularity, this website has been referred to as “the entire Internet, all in one place.” Visitors to StumbleUpon may choose to view posts from a vast variety of categories. Based on the viewer’s likes and dislikes, StumbleUpon directs them to other posts of a similar nature. For members of this website, there are several ways to help your article or post to go viral. Some of them are as follows.

  1. Add Prominent StumbleUpon Links – Your article or webpage should include a button or link to the StumbleUpon webpage. This should be linked directly to your StumbleUpon profile. This will allow viewers to get to know you and your work right away. If your viewers like your work, they will remember your name and be interested in reading more of your posts. If your article or post makes a good enough impression, your viewers will recommend it to their friends.
  2. Be Active and Rate Other Content Too – If you want other StumbleUpon members to rate or “stumble” your content, you must do the same for them. If you only rate you own content, other members won’t take you seriously as a contributing member of the StumbleUpon community. Self- promotion is important in getting your posts viewed, but doing so without contributing to the other posts is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Take time every day to read other content and rate it accordingly.
  3. Develop Your SU Skills – When rating other content, don’t just give a thumbs up or thumbs down. It is important to provide well written reviews as well. When criticizing an article or post, try to be diplomatic and choose your words carefully. Simply trashing an article doesn’t help anyone. Use constructive criticism and write in a manner that you would like for your critics to use. It won’t help you at all to make enemies on your website.
  4. Try StumbleUpon Ads – One of the benefits of StumbleUpon is its advertising feature. StumbleUponAds is a feature that allows members to submit a page on their article that will be viewed by other StumbleUpon users as they are navigating the website. At a cost of approximately five cents per impression, a member can have more than one hundred users viewing his page. Be sure to place your advertisement in a popular category so that you have more traffic, and you will expose your post to a whole new and growing audience.
  5. Network With Other SU Users – Although we would all like to think that we can take care of ourselves and are fine on our own, when it comes to getting your posts or articles out there, there is something to be said about banding together. Take the time to network and get to know other members of the StumbleUpon community. Agree to help each other out with recommending each other’s posts to friends. This is a win-win situation. The simple fact is that the more people you befriend, the more traffic you will have on your post.
  6. Choose Content That Does Well on StumbleUpon – If you want your article or post to go viral, you must choose your content wisely. Most importantly, it should be entertaining. It should also be direct and to the point. Articles that offer valuable information are always popular. When writing “how to” articles, be specific and use images and direct links to other sources. Humor is another popular category, but it should be on a subject that is relatable to the general public. Top ten lists are very popular amongst StumbleUpon users. Again, the lists must be things that are relevant to the general public in order to get a lot of traffic. Whatever content you choose to post, be sure that it is inviting to the public.
  7. Make Your Content Accessible to Everyone – Keep your mind opened to a bigger audience than just the desktop or laptop users. Be sure that your content can be viewed by users of mobile devices such as the Android, iPhone, or iPad. This technology is growing in popularity every day and cannot be left out.

All of these methods of getting your article to go viral by using StumbleUpon are tried and true. Having your content viewed by a great number of people is an attainable goal that can be accomplished with a little effort and perseverance.


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