8 Places to Get Oddball News, I Mean REALLY Odd

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Nothing starts our day off better than a good strong dose of some really bizarre news. Can’t get enough real-life weirdness to make us feel, well, normal. Almost. So where do we go for some offbeat headlines? Glad you asked, because today we list 8 places where you’ll find some decidedly oddball news:

  1. FARKThis site has been rounding up the best of the weird since 1997, and we can’t miss a day of their offerings. Identifying itself as “a news aggregator and an edited social networking news site”, Fark sorts through reader submissions for the weirdest and funniest news of the day.
  2. The Smoking GunWe think the mugshot collection alone is worth the visit, but there’s so much more. A great collection of official documents from court files and law enforcement sources. Try your hand at one of Time Waster’s Friday Photo Fun games.
  3. WTF News – Vote-driven weird and funny news stories, plus photo and video submissions. Categories include World News, Entertainment, Religion, Law & Politics, and Out of This World.
  4. Coast to Coast AMFans of the paranormal, the unexplained, UFO’s and Art Bell are probably already familiar with the overnight radio show. This site brings you the best of the odd news as well as archives from the show.
  5. Unexplained Mysteries  – More grist for the metaphysically gifted among us, conspiracy theorists, etc. The site’s encyclopedia of topics makes for a handy tutorial for the uninitiated.
  6. Weird UniverseFor news that’s just about as far off the reservation as most folks are willing to roam, these guys deliver. One of its trio of co-owners, Chuck Shepherd has another long-running news column for the off-kilter ilk, called …
  7. News of the WeirdThe site includes a searchable archive of truly weird news articles dating back to 2000. There’s even a register of murderers with the middle name Wayne – which is remarkably extensive. In fact, so extensive is the collection of oddball trivia and news on this site, that Chuck has actually dedicated one page just to retire some of the tales that have become too commonplace to be deemed weird.
  8. That is Bizarre!Your one-stop shop for all things outre. Pick your favorite bizarre category, and read on: Bizarre People, Insects, Plants, Places, Facts, Hoaxes, whatever. If it’s bizarre, it’s here.

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