10 Ways to Take Advantage of Local Search Listings

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Local search listings are an excellent way to both find and advertise local businesses. For the entrepreneur or the traveler, there are a number of ways to make use of this very useful tool. Here are 10 ways to take advantage of local search listings:

  1. Small Business Listing – Many SMB’s (small and medium businesses) rely upon local traffic for their revenue. Establishing a local presence online gives you more targeted advertising.
  2. Feedback – Having a local listing for your business means the opportunity to find out what others are saying about your company. You can use that info to fix problem areas quickly, and maximize your strengths.
  3. Free Advertising – According to Google stats, 97% of consumers go online when searching for local business. Your business can advertise free, using photos, videos, and promotions.
  4. Support Local Businesses – Consumers can search online for local businesses and services to patronize, and get a customized search listing. Local search listings are growing rapidly and getting more real estate from search engines. Make your business easy to find.
  5. Area Maps – From the local search listings page, you can get the location and driving directions for each business on your search results.
  6. Networking – Local search listings are a terrific place to connect with neighbors, patrons and merchants alike, plan events, B-to-B linking, etc.
  7. Testimonials – A strong marketing advantage is there for the asking with local search listings: Word-of-mouth advertising, web-style. Your site can be accompanied by testimonials of satisfied customers.
  8. Use Local Contact Info – The web may be worldwide, but customers for local businesses are going to be living right nearby. So local listings mean listing your correct contact info – street and/or mailing address, phone number, store hours. Currently about 25% of businesses have inaccurate information in their listing.
  9. Analytics – Using available research tools like analytics, you can get a more accurate read on which keywords to use to optimize your site’s ranking. A local search serves as a good indicator of your direct competitors.
  10. Star Reviews – Your site can stand out from the crowd when it includes customer reviews and star ratings alongside your business listing.

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