10 SEO Commandments Derived from GWT

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If you’re mastering a website and want to do it right, there are certain rules you’ll want to abide by in order to get as high a ranking and as great a financial return as possible for your efforts. With that in mind, Google’s Webmaster Tools is where you will find numerous tools and resources to succeed. To summarize what you as a webmaster need to know, we’ll share with you the top 10 commandments derived from Google Webmaster Tools itself:

  1. Remember The Search Engine Results, To Keep Them Holy – Google goes to great lengths and regular algorithm changes to ensure the integrity of its search results. There is zero tolerance for gaming the system.
  2. Thou Shalt Not Copy Thy Neighbor’s Content. – Plagiarism is a no-no. Duplicate content shall not be tolerated, so be sure to be original.
  3. Meditate Upon The Holy Keyword. It is Thy Key to Success. – Know which keywords you need to use in your tags to get your site ranked highly.
  4. Hidden Text and Hot Links Are an Abomination – Never use trickery or deceit to attempt circumvention of the crawler bot. It is an exercise in futility.
  5. Thou Shalt Not Fellowship With Unclean Neighbors – In other words, avoid the common trap of backlinking to or from disreputable sites. Your ranking is measured in large part by the company you keep.
  6. Doorway Pages are the Gateway to Destruction. – Google is not fooled by pages that are designed purely to match a search query, and aren’t relevant to your site. Don’t use these.
  7. Remember Thou All of God’s Browsers – Make sure that your website works for different browsers. Test it using multiple browsers to be certain it appears correctly  in each one.
  8. HTML is Thy Holy Script(ure). – HTML code is how search engine crawl bots will be crawling and indexing your website. Be sure to use proper coding when designing, and adding content to, your pages. Use available validation tools to check.
  9. Task Not the Poor with Rich Media – Speaking of script, keep in mind that not every visitor is going to be Java-enabled, so you may need to test your website on a text-only browser to see how it looks, and what works. Provide text-only versions of any pages that include rich media.
  10. Obey Thou the Terms of Service – In all things, abide by the TOS and, when in doubt, consult them for guidance.

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