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Longhorn Leads, LLC is an Internet marketing company that is solely focused on promoting sites via search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. This essentially means that we try our best to provide Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines with a good reason to rank our sites above other sites when they display search results to their users. Now there are hundreds of different ways to go about the business of optimizing sites for search engines. We have heard most of them and through trial and error we have given a lot of them a fair shot. In the end the true secret recipe for success with SEO is unbelievably simple: create websites that you would want to visit if you were the user. Or said another way, write great content that provides users of your website with information highly relevant to what they were searching for. We 100% believe in high quality content being the ONLY way to build organic sites that will have long-lasting value. They have longevity because they flat out deserve it. That does not mean that you write great pages and articles and just throw them up on any old website. You do have to have good fundamental aesthetics in place and you have to have techniques for making people aware of the fact that you have that great content. However, in the end you must deliver on any promises you make through promoting the content. If the content is worthless then no amount of promoting or dressing it up will make it work well. Don’t try to put lipstick on a pig! Why would you even try? Just take your time when you are writing or hire several great staff writers and make the pages and articles so compelling that visitors can’t get enough. Once you are at that point (and people find you), you WILL be successful.

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