7 Reasons Writing Good Content Isn’t Good Enough

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All the marketing expertise and SEO savvy in the world isn’t going to bring your site the traffic you crave if the content just isn’t up to snuff. You need to write good content in order to get those readers, right? Isn’t that what draws them in and brings them back? Not quite.

Internet writing in many ways is like writing a resume. You want to stand out, sell yourself and/or your content in a way that gets noticed over a crowded field of competitors. Writing good content just isn’t good enough. In fact, that doesn’t even cover the entry fee. Here’s why – 7 reasons why – writing good content isn’t good enough:

  1. Low quality content is inexcusable, good writing makes you average, and average isn’t going to stand out in a field of millions of websites. If your content isn’t exceptional, it won’t get noticed. Your writing needs to wow the reader.
  2. Your content needs to be searchable or surfers won’t find you. SEO and marketing do play a role in getting traffic to your site. So your content should contain terms that users are actively looking for. The best way to ensure that, is to keep in mind …
  3. Your content needs to be relevant. Quality writing is just one component of an effective piece. If it doesn’t answer a question that people are asking or serve a purpose that other content hasn’t already served, then it’s nothing more than useless text that happens to be well-written.
  4. Your content needs to be unique. We’re not talking about writing style. There are plenty of eloquent, mellifluous ways to make a point, we have no doubt. But if your point is How to double your traffic with our 5 SEO secrets, you’re just contributing to the noise. Write what no one else is writing about, and write it extraordinarily well.
  5. Your content needs to have an audience. Unless your aim is to just keep an online journal for personal use, you’ll want to write content that will have value to others. Decide who your audience will be; who you’re writing for, and what you want to tell them. Which brings us to …
  6. Your writing needs to be marketed. In order to reach that audience your message is intended for, you have to get the word out. This is where the aforementioned expertise comes into play, after you’ve created something worth marketing in the first place. And finally …
  7. Your content needs to have value. Beyond your own gratification, think about what purpose it serves to publish it. We’re not saying that unless you’re solving world hunger, your writing is crap; but even comedy or satire should fill an existing void.

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