10 Work At Home Jobs That Aren’t a Scam

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The rise in fuel prices and a struggling economy that forces stay-at-home moms to generate income for their families has created a high demand for telecommuting positions, or “work at home” jobs. Unfortunately, scammers and con artists know that this demand exists and are taking full advantage of people in need of work that can be done from home. There are, however, some legitimate telecommuting jobs that can be quite lucrative. These are 10 of the online jobs that aren’t likely to be fraudulent money-making schemes, and can be ideal for qualified stay-at-home parents.

  1. Medical Transcription – In order to secure a telecommuting medical transcriptionist position, you’ll almost certainly need to have some specialized training or previous experience. When you first start out you can expect to earn somewhere around $10 per hour, though you will be able to command more as your experience level increases.
  2. Search Engine Evaluator – The algorithms that help you find information through a web search requires the help of human analytical skills, which is why firms specializing in such hire workers to do just that. While the education requirements are typically only a high school diploma, you will probably have to pass a critical-thinking skills test.
  3. Freelance Graphic Artist – Graphic designers are in high demand, as most web designers don’t specialize in graphics. Finding stable freelance work can be a challenge, but there are a variety of freelancing sites that connect talented individuals with potential clients in need of design work.
  4. Writing and Editing – Writing content for blogs, online magazines and even print publications can be the perfect career for those with a flair for words and is almost always a telecommuting position. Content editing is perfect for those with impeccable grammar skills and can generate significant income.
  5. Teacher – As distance learning and web-based public schooling become more popular, the demand for educators specializing in this area rises. From elementary to post-secondary teaching positions and tutoring jobs, there are a wealth of opportunities for qualified educators looking to work from home.
  6. Travel Agent – Though there are a number of scam offers advertising assistance in breaking into the travel agent industry, there is an opportunity to make real money if you’re cautious about the offers you accept. Beginning your own home-based travel agency will require a bit of planning and may be one of the few exceptions regarding up-front investments, but it can be very profitable.
  7. Tech Support Specialist – Tech specialists with the skill set to troubleshoot electronics and the ability to soothe callers who are frustrated or upset can find telecommuting work, as many call centers prefer for their tech support specialists to work remotely.
  8. Call Center Customer Support – Rather than maintaining large call centers with dozens of representatives, many companies are moving to an independent contractor model that allows their employees to take calls from home. The field is growing as more companies opt to bring call center work back to domestic workers after protests of excessive outsourcing.
  9. Web Designer or Developer – Starting your own web design business will require you to have in-depth knowledge of the field, and the learning curve is likely to be too steep for beginners to pick up in a timely manner. If you do have the requisite experience and skill set, however, web design and development is one of the more popular telecommuting positions.
  10. Translator – The global connections forged by the Internet allows people to come together from all corners of the world in previously unprecedented ways. One of the major impediments to these connections, however, is a language barrier. If you’re fluent in more than one language, you can work from home as a translator and have the potential to earn a strong income while profiting from you skills and eliminating your commute altogether.

During your search for legitimate work from home opportunities, it’s wise to keep the old adage about things being “too good to be true” in mind. Postings that promise exorbitant amounts of money in exchange for a few hours of work each day are almost invariably scams designed to prey on a struggling family’s desire to “get rich quick.” Be careful about who you submit your sensitive personal information to and immediately be wary of any job that requires an up-front investment or your financial information.


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