10 of the Best iPhone Apps to Help You Network at a Conference

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Conferences and business events are the ideal places to expand your reach and your network of professional connections, but keeping up with a flood of business cards is no longer as necessary is it once was. With the right tools, you can still make a lasting impression, gaining new business partners or customers along the way without distributing or saving a sheaf of tiny cards. Business experts and app developers have pooled their knowledge to bring you these 10 apps, ensuring that you never miss the opportunity to expand your business network at a professional conference.

  1. The Card – The Card is a fast and innovative way to share your business details on the move with minimal fuss for only $0.99. All you need is the recipient’s email address and you can send a detailed business card, while at the same time syncing that person to your network list. The app supports geolocation data and the universal .vcf format.
  2. Card Munch – Business Card Reader – This clever app allows you to scan business cards and then convert them into editable business contacts in your iPhone. Card Munch is an app developed in partnership with LinkedIn, so you can view connections in common, work history and much more, as well as add the card owner as a connection. The app is free and is a must have tool for networking in any business situation.
  3. Contxts – There are three ways you can share your business details with Contxts – text message, email and bump technology. Contxts is ideal for sharing contact details with any phone directly to and from your iPhone. The app is free, and not only makes networking easier, but brings it into the increasingly paperless 21st century, too.
  4. LinkedIn – There are more than 200 million users on LinkedIn, which means that you are more than likely to meet some great LinkedIn connections on one of the world’s largest professional networking websites with this great app. Share and add connections directly from the app and discover mutual connections to expand your network. The free LinkedIn app also keeps you up to speed on the latest business and financial news, meaning you will always have something to talk about at business events.
  5. CamCard Free – This app scans business cards and allows the user to set up tailored contact groups with ease. CamCard also provides the ability to add a number of text, graphic, video, audio or file formats, which creates a totally unique profile for your business. This free app instantly translates your business card to over 200 languages, meaning you can connect on a global scale in a global economy.
  6. Square Register – Take your business on the road and gain valuable new customers with Square Register, the free credit payment app. The free app allows you to accept Square Register gift cards, create loyalty schemes for business connections, and provide text, email and printed receipts. There is also access to a number of in-app features, such as full sales reports and a built-in checkout function. If you’re attending a convention in a professional enrichment capacity and also as a merchant, this app will be indispensable.
  7. WorldCard Contacts– With this app you can combine the power of a business card reader, geolocation and contact organizer to create location based connection lists. There is one downside to this app, however: it doesn’t have a built-in OCR converter, which means that business cards are stored as image only.
  8. How to Network – Before you attend your next business meeting or event, make a point of adding this free app to your iPhone device. How to Network includes over 20 videos from branding experts, a range of articles written by business professionals and texts written by expert lawyers. Topics covered are: Best Networking Practices, Connecting at a Conference, Online Networking, Social Media and Becoming a Connector.
  9. Junos Pulse – This app enables access to secure connectivity over SSL VPN to corporate applications, which means you can bring your business with you wherever you go. This free app is ideal for networking, as it allows you to show potential connections what your business is all about, rather than just telling them about it.
  10. Salesforce Chatter – Never miss another opportunity to gain new leads or business connections by using Salesforce Chatter to access all your sales data in one place. You can create opportunities, assign tasks remotely to your employees and showcase documents and links directly from your handset. The app creators, salesforce.com, are constantly adding new features with every release, so snap up this app from the iTunes store while it’s still free.

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