10 of the Best iPhone Apps to Help You Make Every Day Decisions

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Sometimes the best part of the day is wasted just trying to make decisions. Whether you are a parent, buying a new car, shopping for the perfect outfit or looking for entertainment, don’t waste your precious time sweating the details. Apple presents developers with the ideal platform to bring their services directly to you through the popular and powerful iPhone device. From the palm of your hand, you can organize your time, days, weeks or even months ahead. These ten iPhone apps will help you make those all-important day-to-day decisions that can often make life more stressful.

  1. Pediatric SymptomMD – This app helps take some of the stress away when the decision at hand is one regarding your child’s health. The processes of over 10,000 pediatric clinics are combined to bring you the best treatment and action advice. Find detailed information on everything from minor scratches to serious medical concerns with this $2.99 iPhone app.
  2. VectorVest Mobile – For traders who want up to the minute data on markets, this free app will help make important investment decisions much simpler. You can monitor time-critical markets, as well as create multiple watch-lists to keep your portfolio options organized. There is no additional cost for using extended services with this app, either.
  3. Savings & Annuity Evaluator Pro – No matter what you are saving for, this app gives you the tools you need to put your money to work for you. The app is free and provides real-life scenarios that allow you to predict your savings, tax and interest on your investments. Scenarios are completely customizable to your income, deadlines and target savings amounts.
  4. Power Stoplight Mobile – Whether you are trying to save money or the environment, this app is a must-have iPhone accessory. This free smart app gathers information from the grid, letting you know how to best utilize your electricity according to peak and off-peak periods. If you have wind or solar generated power, the app can return real-time information to help you manage your usage, too.
  5. Bankrate Mortgage Calculator & Mortgage Rates – Keep up to date with the latest mortgage rates using this free app from BankRate. You can determine the best deals for you by adjusting loan amount, interest rate and mortgage term in order to return matching deals. The app also includes links to helpful mortgage related resources and articles.
  6. What’s on TV? – If you’re having a relaxing day in front of the TV but can’t decide what to watch, this free app will help. You can quickly find guides for your favorite channels, TV shows and movies. The app also allows you to create custom lists and reminders, so you don’t have to remember what’s on or when your selections will air.
  7. All About Cars from Howcast – Don’t despair if you’re not an expert on cars, this $1.99 app will help you with all your vehicular decisions. All About Cars includes over 130 videos, tips and how-tos on everything from do-it-yourself car repairs, insider dealership tips and driving school expertise. So the next time you go shopping for a new car, make sure you have this app from Howcast on your side.
  8. Dinner Spinner – If you find yourself constantly running out of ideas for dinner, try this fun and innovative free app. There are hundreds of predefined recipes to choose from. You can shake your iPhone for a surprise recipe. Or, you can add your favorite ingredients to find recipes that are sure to match your taste.
  9. Tinyview – This mobile and social shopping app allows you to scan both bar and QR codes, returning a vast amount of related data on products from any store. As the app acts as a central hub, it eliminates the need to have separate apps for each of your favorite stores. You can compare purchases with friends, read reviews and find the places where other users in your area are getting the best deals. The app is easy to navigate, with multiple options including search, category and trending to suit every shopper’s needs.
  10. EventBrite – This free app makes finding something to do in your area a breeze. You can search for events, concerts, festivals and tickets directly from your iPhone. With EventBrite you can purchase tickets through one simple process, and when you’re done, share the event with your friends to gather a crowd. If you organize events in your area, no matter what the size, you can use this app to sell tickets and help promote your event to the local community.

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