Great Ways to Find an Infographic Designer

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Infographics are very important when they are used correctly because they can properly illustrate for the reader things that may not be as readily apparent in the text of a report or presentation. A list of facts and figures will often not impact someone in the same way that a graphic that compares and contrasts those same facts will be able to do. For this reason, it is important that you find a good infographic designer who can provide you with crisp, professional visuals.

The very best way to find someone to do this work is to pick a graphic that you find particularly appealing and then contact the artist directly. Explain that you liked his or her work and tell the artist that you have a similar project comping up. The designer’s name should be listed near the graphic. If it is not, just contact the company that put out the publication in question, and they will be happy to tell you who did the work.

You may also want to try looking within the freelance community. There are website communities of freelance workers who will then bid on your project. You cannot quite be sure of the quality when you advertise a job in this fashion, but you can be sure that you will not have to pay too much. The bidding keeps the overall cost as low as possible.

Furthermore, you could network with your peers. Rely on word-of-mouth information. This is usually very reliable. If someone else in your industry liked a designer’s work enough to mention it to you, you can be sure that the designer did a great job. People do not often mention things like this unless they were blown away by the end result. Any time that someone gives you a name or makes a comment of this nature, take a note of that designer’s name so that you can get in touch with him or her when you have some work available.

It can also be helpful to turn to the classified ads. You could put an ad in the local paper, but this is a bit expensive, especially if you do not get any hits. You may be better off to make a listing on an Internet-based web-board. People mainly use these ads to sell things that they own, but there will be a whole section that is dedicated to job listings. Freelancers often check these to see if there are new jobs available, and so you may be able to use this as a platform to meet a good designer. You can interview as many people as you want. If the person that you choose does a good job, you can then start a lasting relationship where you use that person every time that you have a job available. This saves you time and effort.

Finally, you may want to look into putting a posting up on your company website. This is not likely to get as many hits, but it will at least ensure that the person who contacts you first will be familiar with what your company is doing and what you need. They will have sought you out, so you can be sure that they are interested in the job, that they are not just taking it because they need some extra money. This can raise the quality of the infographic that you get in the end. You will still need to interview the person to make sure that they know what they are doing, but this is a great first step. The only real problem is that you may not get very many responses if people are not out looking for work on your site.

As you can see, you can choose from a number of different tactics to find a good designer. You may even want to use a number of them at once. Post a listing on your own site and then post it again in the classified ads. Put it up on a job board to see if you can get a good price due to the bidding. Unless you need it right away, you can wait until you find the person who does the best work for the lowest price.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you find someone who will produce high-qaulity graphics. Remember how important these can be and how drastically they can impact your audience. A good graphic can make the text much more valuable and effective.


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