10 Ways to Take Your Access Database Online

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Microsoft Access, part of the Microsoft Office Suite included in the Professional edition and above, is an information management tool that allows users to store large amounts of information for reporting, analyzing, and referencing purposes. When an Excel spreadsheet simply isn’t enough, Access can come to the rescue. After you’ve built your impressive Access database, here are ten of the ways you can take it online:

  1. SharePoint – With Access 2010 and Access Services on SharePoint, users can build web-based database applications. Anonymous users cannot access an online database created through SharePoint, greatly reducing the risk of unauthorized use. For users of Access 2007 and below, the process is significantly more complicated.
  2. Caspio’s Access Migration Kit – The Access Migration Kit by Caspio helps users migrate an Access database online with a step-by-step wizard that makes the process relatively quick and painless.
  3. Oracle SQL Developer – Oracle SQL is a free option for migrating to an online database, and includes the necessary utilities and tools to either make the move on your own or to use Oracle staff members to make the switch even easier.
  4. Hire a Specialist – For users who find themselves bewildered by the prospect of migrating to an online database, it might be best to contact a specialist who can help you determine what your needs are and the best course of action for getting your database on the web. MS Access itself can be very difficult for users to master, even with a bit of experience.
  5. Sync With Intuit QuickBase – Intuit’s QuickBase desktop application mirrors an Access database; with the sync option, changes made on the mirrored database reflect on the QuickBase server, and changes to QuickBase will be reflected on the local MS Access tables.
  6. EQL Data – OnWeb from EQL Data allows users to host an Access database on their servers, use it within a web browser, and sync with one click through the EQL plugin.
  7. Alpha Five – Alpha Five uses MS Access data to seamlessly build web applications, extending existing apps to the web and mobile devices. InfoWorld rated Alpha Five number one among programs of its ilk.
  8. Zoho – With Zoho’s plug-in for Microsoft Access, you can migrate your database into a cloud computing platform that allows for the building and modification of your database online.
  9. Upgrade to the Latest Version of MS Access – Though it is possible to get an Access 2007 or lower database online, it can be extremely frustrating and time-consuming for anyone who isn’t an absolute expert. Rather than hiring a consultant or going to extremes, it might be worth the money to simply upgrade to the latest version of Access and publish through SharePoint.
  10. Attend a Webinar or MS Access-Centered Online Class – Because so much of the process can be complicated for beginners, there are a variety of webinars and online workshops designed to improve the basic user’s understanding of MS Access and its functions.

There are a variety of options for migrating an MS Access database available, some of which are simpler than others. For novice users, webinars and workshops are highly recommended in order to get the most out of the program.


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