10 Ways Smart Businesses Can Leverage Pinterest

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As the popularity of social networking and sharing site Pinterest explodes, many retailers have discovered the traffic-generating power of a single pin. Some online sellers have stated that they receive more traffic that results in sales from Pinterest than Facebook and search engines combined. Here are ten of the ways that merchants and businesspeople can use this free service as a powerful marketing tool.

  1. Targeting a Specific Demographic – The majority of Pinterest users are women between the ages of eighteen and forty-four. For marketers and businesspeople whose target audience is within this group, Pinterest can be one of the most powerful methods of reaching new clients or consumers.
  2. Time Investment to Reap Large Returns – Building pinboards that garner interest and get repinned requires an investment of time; however, this investment is almost guaranteed to pay off for those that offer innovative goods or services.
  3. Include a Link With Each Pin – Every pin should include linking information; when other users re-pin it, that information will be shared with their followers. The exponential spread of a single pin is enough to drive an incredible amount of traffic to a site.
  4. To Boost a Social Networking Presence – Pinterest accounts that are linked to active Facebook and Twitter accounts can help users build a social networking presence, which is crucial for success in an online business.
  5. Make Your Boards Bigger Than Your Product – The community-driven aspect of Pinterest is part of what makes it so popular with loyal users. Boards that are blatant attempts to market a product with no regard to the community feeling of the site are likely to be shunned, which can backfire. Thoughtfully collect pins that are related to your product, even peripherally.
  6. Follow Industry Leaders – Observing the Pinterest activities of leaders within your industry can not only give you an idea of how to make the most of this new platform, but can also keep you abreast of changes and innovations.
  7. Re-Pin The Competition – When others within your field do something particularly innovative, re-pin their work. Not only will this help you to avoid the stigma of a marketing-only account; it can also foster a sense of camaraderie, rather than one of cutthroat competition.
  8. Use the Description Field Wisely – Part of creating a pin is to caption it thoughtfully. When pinning your own work, be sure to take advantage of this field to describe the pin and include a link to your site.
  9. Add a Widget to Your Home Page – Even those who choose not to sign up for a Pinterest account can reap the benefits by adding a widget to their homepage. When site visitors find something particularly intriguing on your site, they’re more likely to pin it to their boards.
  10. Create a Personal Image – Giving your brand a personal feel through Pinterest can help you to avoid the reputation of an emotionless marketing machine. Take the time to curate an interesting set of boards; as users see that you’re a Pinterest user first and a businessperson second, they’ll be even more likely to share your work through pins and re-pins.

As you can see, Pinterest has plenty of application for the savvy business marketeer. Follow the same general guidelines suggested for other social media best practices for business such as providing value to the consumer and Pinterest can work for you as well.


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