10 Reasons to Give Up on a Penguin Hit Site

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Has your website dropped off the edge of the Google earth? Did your search ranking sink to the bottom of the Google ocean? Millions of website managers have been hit by the new Google Penguin WebSpam update and are struggling to recover. They have found that the numbers of hits to their sites dropped drastically since the Penguin was released to raise havoc on the internet. Although it was designed to target web spammers, the Penguin doesn’t seem to discriminate who it pecks. Legitimate sites are hit while obviously illegitimate ones are left untouched. If your website has fallen victim, here are ten reasons to give up.

  1. Paid text links – If your website has used exact matching anchor text to improve your search ranking, the Penguin will hit you. These paid text links are considered a no-no, so you can give up on that tactic.
  2. Comment spam – People who visit your site can put spam targeted text in your comments that will attract the evil Penguin. You have little control over this and will never know when you’re going to get pecked again.
  3. Guest posts – Companies like to encourage guest posts to their sites as a legitimate way to earn links, but watch out. If one of these guest posts points to a site the Penguin has targeted, your website will become a victim too.
  4. Site links – Any inbound links to your site that has already been flagged for spam will turn your website into a target. Have fun trying to track all of those down since you have no idea which ones are a Penguin hit site.
  5. Endless fixes – All of these problems can be fixed, but the process is endless. You will have to constantly monitor your site for problem links and spammer comments. Just when you think you’re in the clear, something else will come up.
  6. Easier to start over – Once your site has been hit by the Penguin update it may be easier to just start over. This way you can start with a clean slate and be in Google’s good graces, at least for a while.
  7. Already targeted – Once you’ve been hit, you’ve got a target on your back. The Penguin has your number, so you may as well give up and start over. After you spend all the time and energy fixing your site, he’ll be back.
  8. Blacklisted – The Penguin never forgets. Your website has been hit and is now on the list of black hat sites. Once you’re on the list, it’s over for your site.
  9. Reporting form – Google has come up with a form for people who think their website was unfairly hit by the algorithm update. Good luck with that. You’re probably number 5,672,893 on the list of people submitting the form. How long will it be before they get to your complaint?
  10. Spam reporting – Meanwhile, some malicious competitor may have already reported your site on the spam reporting page. If that’s the case, you have a good reason to give up. Google won’t know who to believe.

What a nightmare. All the effort you put into building up your website’s search ranking gone down the drain. Not to mention all your customers that can’t find your site when they do a Google search. Websites that rely on SEO content are really suffering. Even if you manage to get everything fixed, there’s no guarantee that your site will regain its ranking. Then just as everything starts to work well again, Google will come up with another update and smack you down again. Perhaps you should look into one of the competitors like Bing for your search engine partner.


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