10 Reasons Pinterest Has Become So Popular

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Web users with even a passive interest in social networking have likely stumbled across a reference or a dozen to an up-and-coming site, Pinterest. Most people are surprised to know that the site has been around for more than three years, due to the recent surge in popularity making it seem like the new kid on the block. For the uninitiated or the curious, here are ten of the reasons whey Pinterest is stealing the hearts and free time of users.

  1. Representing High-End Style on a Low-End Budget – Pinterest offers a place for the fashionista, interior designer and celebrity chef in everyone. It doesn’t cost a thing to pin something beautiful but beyond a user’s budget; it’s a way of showing the world a sense of style that isn’t always a financial reality.
  2. Interactive Daydreaming For Grownups – Most adults have been forced to leave daydreaming behind, much to their chagrin. Pinterest, however, offers a place for users to create boards filled with fantasies and lofty dreams.
  3. Organizing Recipes – On a more practical note, Pinterest is one of the best ways to collect and organize recipes and cooking ideas from across the web into one easily-perused board. Gone are the days of stumbling across an impressive food blog and forgetting how to find it later; one pin makes keeping up with those obscure gems a snap.
  4. Planning Real-Life Home Improvements – Do-It-Yourself and home improvement projects can be an enormous tasks. Many Pinterest users have turned the networking site into a digital project binder of sorts, keeping track of ideas and tutorials.
  5. Creating a Wedding-Planner of Ideas – Wedding planning is one of the most popular Pinterest activities; even users that are long past their own nuptials have gotten in on the fun. Innovative and exciting new ideas circulate like wildfire, helping brides-to-be to keep up with trends.
  6. It Satisfies the Very Human Urge to Collect – Most people have something that they collect. Whether it’s state spoons or thimbles, collections are a part of being human. Pinterest satisfies that urge to collect without breaking the bank, which makes it a hit in our tough economic climate.
  7. Allows Users to Showcase Their Best Selves – Pinterest boards can be designed in such a way that they present the very best aspects of a user’s personality and personal taste without much of a conscious effort to do so. A service that paints its users in the most flattering light possible is sure to be a hit.
  8. Widgets and Browser Apps Make Pinning Anything a Breeze – Browser apps and plug-ins have been created to allow users to pin an image right from their browser; there are also “pin it” widgets on many websites. The ability to add a pin without navigating away from the current page is another thing that makes it a hit.
  9. Helps Users Connect Over Shared Interests – One of the things that influence feelings of friendship most is the ability to connect over common interests. A quick glance at a friend or acquaintances boards can help users find shared interests that they never knew were there before Pinterest.
  10. The Drama Quotient is Very Low – Where sites like Facebook seem to breed too much sharing of things that should be private, Pinterest focuses on interesting and mostly positive things that users have found. As a result of more private business remaining private, the drama level is significantly lower than that of other social networking sites.

The bottom line? It has both fun and practical applications that can be utilized together in one place in a very easy to use and visually appealing format. They’ve definitely hit a home-run with Pinterest.


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