10 Reasons People Don’t Interact with Your Blog

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Designing the perfect blog and taking the time to create thoughtful, informative posts can quickly become frustrating when no one seems to notice your efforts. Eventually, it can begin to feel like you’re talking to yourself in an empty room. Is anyone else out there? If you’re watching virtual tumbleweeds roll across your corner of the internet, here are ten possible reasons why:

  1. They Don’t Know It’s There – Comments are a result of incoming traffic; if your blog isn’t being actively promoted through more than one method, it can easily be driven into obscurity. While spamming every outlet at your disposal is certainly not the way to go, it’s important to take opportunities to promote yourself, your brand and your blog whenever it’s appropriate.
  2. Spelling Errors and Typos Drive Them Away – Content that’s rife with spelling errors, grammar issues and typos will appear unpolished and unprofessional to any visitors that come your way. Meticulously proofreading and editing each entry before it’s posted is one of the most important things a blogger can do to protect their reputation.
  3. It Doesn’t Feature Unique Information – Offering information or content that’s very lightly “spun” from other blogs and articles might pad your blog, but it won’t make it stand out. In order to differentiate yourself from the other blogs in your field and also avoid any trouble stemming from copying content from other bloggers, it’s very important that your content always be fresh and unique. Rehashing the same tired information typically doesn’t inspire rave reviews or thoughtful comments from readers.
  4. Your Target Audience is a Broad One – Blogs that cater to a very broad audience or a particularly saturated field can be lost in the shuffle. Carefully cultivating a loyal audience with content dedicated to your field of expertise is a much more effective way of boosting readership and interaction than jumping onto the Next Big Bandwagon.
  5. Postings Are Too Frequent – You should assume that your readers probably follow several other blogs within your blogging niche. Making several posts each day might fill your blog out a bit, but the majority of those posts will probably be ignored. Keeping up with many related blogs can be difficult enough; staying current with one that is constantly being updated in addition to staying up to speed with rest on a list is almost impossible.
  6. Postings Aren’t Frequent Enough – A blog that hasn’t been updated for weeks or months leaves readers with the impression that it has been abandoned. Operating under the assumption that the blogger won’t be reading any comments, many of these readers will simply choose not to leave any.
  7. Your Entries Are Too Long – The “Too long; did not read” mentality of today’s teenagers and young adults can often extend to the blogosphere. Even the most informative and well-written posts can be passed over by busy readers who don’t have time to commit to novel-length updates, and when posts aren’t read, they’re not commented on.
  8. It Isn’t SEO-Friendly – Eschewing SEO standards completely in favor of producing creative copy is one of the biggest temptations for new bloggers, especially if your niche is an artistic or otherwise creative one. However, ignoring search-engine optimization rules altogether will result in a blog that can’t be found through a search engine, and thus has almost no traffic.
  9. You’re Too Focused on SEO – On the flip side of the abovementioned point, content that’s too heavily focused on search-engine optimization usually comes across to readers as dry and “market-y,” which can easily turn them off. Striking a delicate balance is the key to driving traffic, maintaining a loyal readership and generating those comments.
  10. You’re Not Interacting With Other Bloggers in Your Niche – One of the best ways to boost your blog’s visibility is to comment on the posts of others in your field. As with the offline business world, networking with other professionals in your field is of the utmost importance.

Following through on these simple tips will help to generate both traffic and the interaction you’re looking to receive from readers on your blog.


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