10 Really Cool Companies that Embraced Pinterest

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Currently Pinterest doesn’t have any sponsors… they don’t have pop up ads that bug you while you are looking at pictures to pin… in fact, they’re conspicuously devoid of any of the normal advertising routes that websites usually take on, which has been a major selling point among users. So, how do they make their money then?  Venture capitalists. Pinterest has done an amazing job raising money for the site with venture capitalists so that, for the time being, they don’t need sponsors. And because Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media sites out there, there have been a lot of companies that have jumped in and are making money from their involvement.  Check out 10 really cool companies that embraced Pinterest.

  1. Cache: This clothing and accessory company is showing the latest fashion trends through their Pinterest account.  From fashion for career-minded women to displaying ideas for this year’s prom trends, Cache has managed to stay current and relevant on this social media site by appealing to everyone from teens to adults.
  2. Taste of Home: Recipes and pictures of fabulous food are practically a corner stone of Pinterest, and it’s almost impossible to log on to the site and not start pinning as soon as you see a tantalizing photograph. Taste of Home has embraced this medium and is posting pictures and links to recipes, as well as making their recipe books and magazine available to the consumer online.
  3. J Crew: J Crew is one of the more versatile clothing websites, showcasing trends for both men and women alike.  By utilizing Pinterest, it’s easy for fashion savvy shoppers to find a style they like, click on the link, and purchase the outfit, making shopping a snap. From Pinterest to the J Crew website to your door, you don’t have to leave the house anymore to get great style.  Unless of course you’d like someone to see how great you look in your cool new clothes.
  4. Paper and Cake: This site sells everything you could ever want that is printable.  If you’re throwing a party and want everything to follow a certain theme and be perfectly tied together and coordinated, then this is the place to get your stuff.  They sell a little bit of anything and everything: banners, labels, tags, food signs, food picks, etc.  They have a lot of ideas that are not only adorable, but that could also easily be replicated at your child’s next birthday. 
  5. Hayneedle: Hayneedle is a fun site that is full of a lot of unique and interesting products, and since it’s the unique products that typically do well on Pinterest it makes sense that the company has taken a keen interest in establishing a presence there.  Just the other day on Hayneedle I found a rocking hammock, a hanging wine rack, and a chocolate fountain. An eclectic collection of quirky items? Sign me up!
  6. Zappos Couture:  Zappos is known for its wide selection of shoes, hand bags, and accessories, and is always on top of the latest trends and fashions.    Their fun and quirky accessories are always a hit among fashionistas, and their upbeat company and solid business ethic has a knack for reeling customers in and creating customers for life.
  7. Bagshug: This site carries hand bags that are similar to Coach bags, with the only noticeable difference being that they’re much cheaper.  For those of us who are into all of the different shapes, sizes, and colors of purses, this website is a slam dunk. You can definitely find one appropriate for every look if not every outfit.
  8. Fabulous Yarns: Beautiful yarns and fibers in every color and texture are available on this site.  If you enjoy knitting or crocheting then Fabulous Yarn is your new go-to place.  With their wide selection of yarns, you’ll be able to create beautiful, unique accessories for both yourself and your home… and who knows, you could even have a budding business in the making!
  9. Restoration Hardware: Known for all of their one-of-a-kind furniture, hardware, and house accents, Restoration Hardware found a nice little niche in Pinterest.  If you are trying to restore an older home and you need vintage hardware this is the place to look.  They have everything you could ever need to complete this look, such as old knobs, door hardware, faucets, etc. Even if you don’t want the old original stuff they have reproductions that will allow you to have the convenience of modern amenities, but the aesthetics of the original.
  10. Save on Crafts: Find all of the things that you’ll need to create beautiful weddings, receptions, parties and even gifts.  From baskets to strings of lights or balloons, everything that completes a magical glow at your events can be found here. 

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