On-Page or Off-Page Doesn’t Matter as Much Quality

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Perhaps this is not as exciting or controversial as Miller Lite’s “less filling” or “tastes great”, but in the circles we frequent this can be quite the hot topic. In regard to search engine optimization there are those that believe strongly in on-page SEO and those that believe strongly in off-page SEO. Of course, just like with Miller lite, there are those of us that just just don’t like beer nor the pointless debate. Does it really matter which is better? Certainly both on-page and off-page won’t hurt your site. In reality, what really matters is that instead of fretting over H1 tags and/or getting every single link you can borrow, beg, or steal is that you build a quality site that meets the needs of your users.

The beauty of building sites with your end user in mind is that you are then freed up to focus on really interesting ideas that will engage your users in healthy discussions and hopefully bring them back to your site wanting more. To us, this is the definition of quality not whether or not you managed to get a #1 ranking because of your clever use of on-page or off-page SEO. If you do your job well, your visitors will love you and they will absolutely be the best evangelists for your site especially in an ever-increasing social media world.

Maybe I jumped a bit far ahead right out of the gate. You might not be familiar with on-page SEO. If you are not, we recommend the following article: http://www.seomoz.org/blog/4-graphics-to-help-illustrate-onpage-optimization. It does a great job of helping you understand on-page SEO and more importantly what we are saying about quality. In fact, it ties this story together quite nicely. The moral of the story is that on-page SEO is not enough as Google has lots of ways to collect information like bounce rates and time spent on the site and can easily incorporate that into their ranking algorithm (both indicators of quality). So if you build a techically awesome page that everybody hits and immediately leaves, well IF you manage to get it ranked… chances are not good that it will last.


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