10 Ways to Tell People Love Your Blog

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Web logs that started as online diaries or journals have developed into what is now referred to as blogs. Millions of people are blogging on the internet at any given time. Some blogs are personal, some professional with an unlimited number of topics and interests. If you’re a blogger, what are some ways to tell people love your blog?

  1. Comments – You’re first clue that people love your blog is when they post positive comments. It’s great to get good feedback on what you have to say, so always encourage your readers to comment.
  2. Tweet counts – Most blogs have a Twitter counter that keeps track of how many people have tweeted their blog. A high tweet count is a good indication people love your blog and are sharing it with their Twitter followers.
  3. Like counts – Another counter you should have on your blog keeps track of how many people “like” it on Facebook. As the number of “likes” goes up, you know people are loving what you have to say.
  4. Post it to Facebook – People who really love your blog will post it to their Facebook page to share it with their friends. It’s great to see your friends sharing your blog on Facebook.
  5. Click +1 – The Google +1 button on your blog lets people know that they think your blog is pretty cool. When they publicly give your blog their stamp of approval, you know they love it.
  6. Emails – Another way to tell people love your blog is when they email it to their contacts. Make sure you have an email app on your blog to make it easy for them.
  7. Links – When people link to your blog you know they’re loving it. If you give out some link-love you’re sure to get some back.
  8. RSS feeds – Make sure you have an RSS feed on your blog so people can subscribe to it. The more subscribers you have lets you know they love your blog.
  9. Recommendations – When you see other people recommending your blog, you know you’re getting some love, especially if it’s from other bloggers.
  10. They tell you – Of course the best way to know that people love your blog is when they tell you so. Nothing beats the warm fuzzy feeling you get when someone tells you they love your blog.

Even if you’re only blogging for your own personal gratification, it’s nice to know other people like what you have to say. Positive feedback is what bloggers thrive on. Make sure your blog has the tools that make it easy for people to interact with you and share your blog with others. The more love you get, the better your blog will become.


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