Quality Content

We view each of our web properties as online magazines that attempt to engage readers providing them with information they can't get anywhere else.

What is quality content?  Well, it’s subjective of course which makes it exceptionally hard to define.  For us writing quality content is completely determined by how well we are meeting the needs of our customers.  We measure the time they spend on each page, total time spent on the sites, bounce rates, and pay close attention to the number of links to our content from authoritative sites.

We also hire only professional journalists to create our pages and write on our blogs.  We know that our customers expect only the best and we work hard with our writers and editors to live up to their expectations.  We also know that high quality pages are exactly what Google and the other search engines want to drive people to.  We are very confident that more often than not Google gets this right.

In addition to a high quality writing team, we also are very effective at letting people know that our content exists.  We do that through promoting the new pages and articles online to relevant subject matter experts on Twitter, FaceBook, and through general email.  The beauty behind this approach is that we get instant feedback and can refine the content to meet our exacting quality standards.