Organic Channels

Our primary focus is on organic marketing channels including acquiring traffic from search engines as well as social media networks.

Another area of marketing that is constantly misunderstood relates to organic traffic sources.  When we are discussing organic marketing techniques those that we use are 100% consistent with our customer service content focus.  We cater to traffic from all search engines, traffic from people typing in the URL, and traffic from multiple social media sites to be organic.

These are all organic to us because the ultimate customers are actually vetting and qualifying themselves   We are positive that this is the reason why our traffic converts at nearly double the various Industry averages.  We have extremely motivated and informed customers to send on to our partners and/or to directly service.

Finally, there is a misconception that SEO/organic channels are not scalable.  This could not be more wrong.  We have witnessed the exact opposite on a regular basis.  The reason that people struggle with organic traffic scaling is that they stop listening to what customers are looking for and ignore current industry trends.  Organic traffic will continue to increase if you remain dedicated to informing your customers.